CallBridge L histoire de CallBridge 2

The story of CallBridge

How I managed to double my salary by becoming the best salesman in just a few months.

Have you ever experienced this stress? The one where you have to finish a specific task at work, but that seems impossible? And this clock just above your desktop that decided to turn twice as fast as usual …

Before creating McLeed ©, I was a field salesman. The kind to spend 4 days a week on the road, sleep in a new hotel each night (with the loyalty cards that go with it) and check his emails on a trolley table or in a highway area.


Salesman “junior”, without expérience…

One day a week was to be devoted to telephone surveys and recalls. We had a great CRM but was not connected to the telephony.

The competition was tough, either to keep his place or to have a decent salary at the end of the month. Not to mention that I was the only salesman “junior” in front of colleagues armed with years of experience.


Story of CallBridge - How I have doubled my salary in a few months.

“The important thing is perseverance, it forges the experience.”

I had in my office a colleague who seemed to do her phoning so naturally, she always had “answer to everything” in front of the prospects. While I, with a lot (lot ) of work, and some tricks, I arrived with difficulty with average results, far from our commercial n ° 1 …

For help alone, I received the sentence: “The important thing is perseverance, it forges experience.” Hard to get away with just that, right?

The Secret: Save Time

The “calling techniques” are cool… But prospecting calls are generally quite short, and their quality passes greatly by their quantity.

Then I spotted that 30% of the time of each call was taken by manipulations! Getting to know the phone, copying a number on the screen, checking, launching the call …

No software answered what I was looking for. Either they were paying and confused (as made by someone who NEVER encountered this concern), or they only worked once in 3 …

The first version of CallBridge

That’s how I imagined CallBridge’s ancestor. But only for this function: launch a call, very quickly, avoiding any manipulation.

Thanks to that, I not only matched my sedentary colleagues, but I managed very quickly to produce, almost every week 180-200% of their calls for prospecting. And most certainly with  less efforts

I could just as easily work from the office, from home on my personal computer, or from a hotel,  remotely connected…


Some useful figures

The process of dialing a phone number takes an average of 21 to 25 seconds: from handset to actual launch of the call.

With CallBridge, for the same result, I put 4 seconds!

Today with CallBridge Pro, it’s 1 second. That means a gain of about 20-24 seconds per call!


Qt of calls10501002505001000
Time gained4min20min40min1h40min3h20min6h40min


I do not hide from you that the little “junior” freshly arrived, who goes beyond his colleagues has made some envious (not to say jealous). But in the end it was worth it, because the results were there, and on the pay too.

Like what sometimes, one breaks the head to elaborate plans, to change its intonation, whereas the only thing really IMPORTANT is to save time.

Since then, for me, the saying: Time is money has never been so true.

Imagine this saving of time (and those less effort) applied to your business. And this for any service: hotline, technicians, marketing, reception … How many customers / prospects in addition you will be able to contact each day? And the additional sales that it represents.

Up to the 31st of march 2017, setup fees are offered for CallBridge Pro (value of 49,99€). Enter code “NFM17” at the checkout.

Let's gain time !