CallBridge SEPA : arrêtez de mettre vos infos CB à jour

SEPA Mandate or Direct Debit

Established on 1 February 2014, the SEPA mandate replaced national levies. Its initials mean: Single Euro Payments Area. And as its name indicates, it is reserved for Europe. More specifically, the so-called “SEPA zone“, which brings together 34 countries. It exists in other parts of the world under a different name. But functioning remains similar.

Although safe, and now mandatory, its objective, not concealed by the European banking group, to boost the economy, still makes some users more than reluctant. Find out why you should not be afraid.

Easy and fast.

The interests of its implementation are many. Both for the seller and the buyer. But the main advantages are:

  • The authorization + the withdrawal request is replaced by ONE document: the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate,
  • Fastest implementation: there is no need to send it back to its bank,
    Uniformity between member countries, therefore simpler for its users.


But its biggest asset is its security aspect.

The SEPA Direct Debit Mandate contains 2 essential information:

  • The RUM: Unique Mandate Reference – it is therefore clearly identifiable,
  • ICS: SEPA Creditor ID – immediately known who is the creditor.

Also as seen above, it brings comfort of use. It reassures its users across member countries, as it is based on a single banking legislation and agreement. There is no need for the debtor to do research (on the internet or with his bank) on how it works if used with another country in the SEPA area.

SEPA versus Credit Card

At CallBridge we decided to implement the SEPA mandate for all these reasons, but also to make your daily life easier. The bank card has an expiry date, and at the time of renewal it is often annoying to have to go around its services to update its bank details, under penalty of seeing its subscription suspended, see canceled (in case of ‘Forgetting to update coordinates).

Callbridge’s goal is to save you time.

NB : This article in mainly focused on the European Direct Debit. Right now we’re trying to implement it for other countries. We will let you know as soon as it’s available.

Find more information on Wikipedia.

We are working with Anglo-Saxon actor GoCardLess to securely accept the SEPA mandate.

To subscribe using the SEPA direct debit mandate, click here.