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Double WITHOUT EFFORT your cold calling results

▶Control your mobile calls+sms directly from your computer

Your mobile calls in just 1 click!

Don't dial your calls anymore. Simply select a phone n° in ANY software or web page. And your smartphone calls it...

Easily gain 12 hours per month

On average our users save 2h50 of phone handling every week.

NO hidden fees

CallBridge uses your smartphone's native call function -> you use your own Plan, No Extra Cost!


CallBridge works on IOS and Android. Donwload it on Appstore and Play Store

Integrate wherever you want

Using our Soap and REST APIs, integrate 'Call Buttons' wherever you want. Even on your CRM and Web Application.

Profitable in 1 day

Starting at 5,99€/month  the subscription pays for itself from the first day of use.

CallBridge is available on

CallBridge has Chrome extension to start calls from any webpage
CallBridge has Windows app to start your calls directly from your PC
CallBridge let you start calls from any computer with its web app / Cloud / Saas

Look how EASY and FAST

Select Phone N°

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Press F2


2 seconds later

CallBridge emitting Call

Use CallBridge ANYWHERE

CallBridge is copatible with Office documents
CallBridge works with Excel Word Outlook Publisher
Select phone number from PDF files with CallBridge
Call directly from any browser : CallBridge

CRM like :

CallBridge compatible Salesforce

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