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Multi-recipient SMS

Although the first SMS was sent in 1989, it was only in the early 2000s. ‘Unlimited’ plans didn’t exist back then, and we had to count each SMS to avoid a huge bill at the end of the month.

Today, in France only (for example as World’s statistics aren’t up to date since 2012), we exceed 180 billion SMS each year, that’s more than 5500 SMS every second …

Pro? Character? Marketing?

Whether it’s for inviting friends, confirming orders, or offering services, multi-recipient SMS has quickly established itself and remains the preferred way of communication for many of us. Its ease of use has also clearly contributed to its popularity : by simply separating the numbers of the recipients with a comma so that the message is sent to all, in a unique way, as if we only communicate with them.

Nowadays, it is anchored in manners, and this is mainly due to Internet messaging applications, allowing it for most of the group sendings.

The saving of time is thus consistent, avoiding the re-entry, it would be stupid to do without it, right?

And these SMS at the time of Web 2.0?

For many years companies have invested the place to offer their services of sending SMS, whether it is from the internet, or even from the internal software.

Some require manual entry of SMS + phone numbers, others allow sending pre-formatted files containing messages + numbers. On the other hand, they have almost all integrated multi-recipient SMS into their catalog.

As for the most competitive, they offer their own API allowing the programming, and therefore the total integration of the SMS in your business applications, as for example: a local trader who would send a promo to all his customers living less than 20km from the store. But, and especially for the latter, this is often accompanied by a monthly subscription, in addition to the cost of SMS.


Which service provider? And what cost/SMS in 2017?

In professional use, there are mainly 2 types of SMS:

  • SMS “Low-Cost“: The service provider will send your SMS when it costs less, often from 2h to 48h after the request. Prices usually vary from 4.5 to 7cts/SMS. Be careful, as some also withdraw services: change of the number sender, no answer possible …
  • SMS “Premium“: Sent as a priority, with acknowledgment of receipt most of the time, these will cost you on average 7 to 10cts/SMS.


In addition, from time to time there is a monthly subscription fee of up to € 50/ month, most often provided by SMS service providers for niches (tourism, commerce, labor market).

Among the most popular providers at the beginning of 2017 are:


Why pay 2 times?

Depending on how you want to use your SMS and/or multi-recipient SMS, the first question that immediately comes to mind, and we share it, is “Why should I pay my SMS twice?“.

For many years, phone packages, both professional and personal, include almost all unlimited SMS. Having to pay again, for a service that we already have, looks very much like double billing. And in some cases, this is not a luxury that anyone can afford.

PS: Check your subscription conditions, the “unlimited” often has its limitations.

The ideal solution

This time is over with Callbridge (Pro / Direct). Whether you have one or more smartphones connected to your account, you use the native features of your phone and the features of YOUR PLAN. No extra costs on our part:

  • Regardless of the number and duration of your calls,
  • Regardless of the amount of SMS sent.

All necessary SMS features are included:

  • Manual input console on PC / Web / Extensions browsers for a comfort of input,
  • Bulk sending by pre-formatted file,
  • Exclusive shipment via keyboard shortcuts,
  • Multi-recipients,
  • Web API * (example: for automatic SMS Command Validation)
  • API WSDL *: easy integration in your business software, CRM, Office documents, etc …

And all this, from your own phone number, allowing you to receive live responses without going through any interface.


No hidden fees

CallBridge has no hidden fees, and a very simple billing.

The monthly rate (5.99 €) is per smartphone connected.

Without any limit of sending of calls / SMS.



Take advantage of our offer HERE. Setup fees are offered to you until March 31, 2017.

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* Optional API: 4.99 € / account.