Summary :

- Frequently Asked Questions : simple questions/answers

- Guides : pictorial and guided documentation on using CallBridge.

What is a Dialer?

"Dialer" means here : something (our app for instance) able to compose a phone number automatically.
Its role is simple: for you, avoid having to type the phone numbers manually on your smartphone.
Normally, if you work on your computer, and want to call a phone number displayed on a website for example, or on your customer management software, etc ...
you will have to go to your smartphone, in PhoneCall, then in the call keypad, type manually number by number what you read on the screen, recheck the whole number, then finally click the Call button.
With a Dialer, in 2 clicks only, 2 seconds at most, it is done.
1 CLICK on the number on the screen, then 1 CLICK on CALL, on the smartphone. You've just gained an average of 55 seconds of manipulation.
And this... on each call.

Our Dialer allows you to do the same thing with your SMS too, it's even more time saved.

Who is CallBridge made for?

Whether you are a trader, business manager, salesperson, real estate agent, health worker, hotliner / after-sales service ...
As soon as you use your smartphone in your activity to contact customers / prospects / patients / members.
Each time you make a call with our Callbridge Dialer app, you save around 55 seconds.
In addition to the gain in terms of hourly wages (for employees), you free yourself each time you use CallBridge, time to do something else, whether it be more money, additional calls, or simply time for yourself to be longer with your loved ones.

Is it useful for teleworking?

Absolutely, and this was all the more confirmed since the Global Lockdown (containment) due to Covid19.

At home, we don't have these professional connection boxes between computer and landlines, moreover sometimes, not even a landline. And thanks to the 100% wireless technology of CallBridge (+ no bluetooth, no wifi needed), without any additional equipment, and in less than a minute of installation, you can call as easily as in connected business telephony .

Our telework users gain in quality of work, efficiency / productivity, and can thus free up time.

What means "100% Universal"?

This means that CallBridge is not "attached" to a specific application or a SaaS like the majority of other dialers, but it works EVERYWHERE.

Wether you're working on:
- websites,
- SaaS software,
- a CRM / ERP,
- a Word, Excel, PDF document, simple textfile,
- or even from an internal software, directly installed on your PC,
Callbridge will work, and launch your calls.

The only limit is : image, Callbridge cannot do optical character recognition.

To perform this, Callbridge doesn't use a single technology, but no less than 4 simultaneously ones. With Callbridge you will never have to type your numbers again.

How is it different?

CallBridge differs from all other Dialer for many reasons:

  • it is certainly the only 100% universal dialer, it lets you launch your calls from anywhere, whether Web, SaaS, document, installed software,
  • it does not use VoIP = you always have the best quality for your calls,
  • it uses your own mobile plan = no extra costs, on our subscription,
  • you use your own phone number, no worries about callbacks then (but you can hide your number if necessary 😉)
  • integrated management of texts/sms : simple and multi-recipient sendings, sms templates, etc ...
  • Developed with 💖 

Does it use VoIP?

NO, no VoIP with CallBridge.
Why ?

Why is VoIP wrong for your business :
- a reduction in the quality of conversations,
- an additional cost (CallBridge is unlimited, at no additional cost),
- the obligation to use a number other than yours,
- bugs, slowdowns, and linked to the Internet ...

CallBridge uses your mobile plan directly for your calls / sms. You thus have the best audio quality, and (most certainly) have unlimited calls / sms.

How does it work exactly?

Hey, what about some privacy secret here ? 😅

To launch your calls on your smartphone, from your computer, you may think that it must be connected to the computer by a cable, or at least in Bluetooth (or Wifi)
NO, CallBridge uses notifications for this purpose. This has a double nice effect:
- if, on your smartphone, you are in the CallBridge mobile app at the time of sending, it is immediately interpreted by the mobile app and offers to call,
- on the other hand, if you want to transfer calls for later, such as for trip later in the day, you will receive a notification with the number to call, just click on this notification when the time comes to start the call.
Bonus : you can stack as many notifications as you want, much like a call list.

PS: The same goes for SMS/texts.

What are the advantages of using it?

Where to start ?

Our users mainly tell us about the time saved with each call. with 20 calls, you've saved 15 minutes of your precious time already.
This time saved can easily be converted into financial gain. What is your hourly rate, or if you are self-employed, how much do you estimate it?

There are also the material savings made: goodbye the interconnection boxes between PC and phone lines (called PABX / IPBX, etc ...) which cost hundreds of dollars.

Ease of work. CallBridge allows you to launch your calls / sms, both from your office, and from the one next door because yours is requisitioned for a meeting), from home, from the hotel, on the road, and even ... .. from your vacation spot. 😅

Callbridge is operational in less than 2 minutes.

Will I have a good R.O.I? (Return on investment)

We believe that at the moment, there's no software capable of offering you the exceptional Return On Investment of a CallBridge Pro subscription, or even a quarter of that !!!
Imagine: from a single call every 2 days made with CallBridge, it's already a win for you.

How many calls do you make per month? Use the calculator below to estimate your monthly earnings. The CallBridge Pro subscription is already deducted.

r.o.I. calculator


*based on official average salary in US 2019 (incl. 7.65% Fed. tax). CallBridge subscription included.

How to start calls from my computer?

There are many ways to make calls with CallBridge.

You can :
- click on a telephone number if it is underlined (clickable)
- double-click on the number and do F2,
- copy and paste,
- launch it from your list of Favorites, contacts, or call list
- and if you prefer, you can also type it in the "Console".

For step-by-step explanations, in pictures, click HERE to see the guides

How to send texts from my computer?

As with calls, there are several ways to send your texts using CallBridge.

You can :
- select the text to send and press F9
- select several recipients (up to 20) and press F4
- Use an SMS template that you have created,
- Click on the SMS icon in your Favorites, contacts, and call lists.
- and of course type your SMS directly in the "Console".

For step-by-step explanations, in pictures, click HERE to see the guides

I often send the same SMS, an idea?

Of course.
Callbridge is here to help. You will be able to create as many SMS templates as you want, give them a title to find them more easily.
And then send it in 2 clicks.
From now on, your customer will still have their phone in hand when they receive their SMS "Hello, following our telephone exchange, I am pleased to confirm your order. Our team is already working on its preparation. See you soon at FlashySales"

I often call the same number, an idea?

Of course.
Here too CallBridge will help you in different ways:
- save favorites, and call them with speed dials (= by just pressing the corresponding number on your numeric keypad),
- create call lists, import them into Callbridge: with name / first name, function, etc ...
- import the contacts from your IOS or Android smartphone.

I do phoning, can I integrate my file?

It's a big YES.
This feature has often been asked for, and has been implemented.
You can load your call or phoning lists in CallBridge. .XLS, .CSV and .VCF formats are accepted. It is possible to put the details you want, such as name, surname, function or even the city.

And for even more efficiency, as soon as you end a call on your smartphone, press F2 on your computer keyboard, and the following number will appear on your smartphone.
Me, Stephan, CallBridge CEO, I was technical sales before, that's how I developed CallBridge, and that it allowed me to double my number of phoning calls on the same day.

Can I import my contacts on the computer?

From Android and IOS.
You can find the detailed procedure, and pictured, in the guides HERE.

Why confirm the call on the smartphone?

There are 2 reasons for this.
The first and most important is, that Android and Apple prohibit the call without confirmation: No matter the publisher of the app (even YellowPages for example), it is prohibited (since IOS 10.3.1 / Android 04/2019 ) to launch a call without confirming it by the user. Following to pranks on games that called 911 automatically.
The second is that it allows you to check the phone n° before calling it.

This may seem boring at first, but don't worry, in a week of use, you'll click on this button without even thinking about it, and without even looking at your smartphone at that time. 😏

What are: Tel Protocols?

These are automatic mechanisms, set up on the internet, by certain websites or SaaS software.
They identify phone numbers and automatically initiate the call when you are on a smartphone.
With CallBridge, we identify these protocols, and transfer them from the computer to your smartphone.

It is also the fastest way to make a call with CallBridge.
Go see 2 questions below, we have a little tip for you.

A kb shortcut doesn't work for me, what can I do?

We have implemented shortcuts, to allow you to launch a call, or send an sms by pressing the function keys of your keyboard: F3, F4, etc ...
Sometimes the software you're working on already uses these shortcuts, so CallBridge cannot intercept them. Just go to the PC Module Settings, and choose the one you want to replace it with. And like that, it's done.

Can we make phone nums clickable on the browser?

All the numbers are not necessarily clickable, if the developer of the site or SaaS software has not provided for it. Edge recognizes them automatically and transforms them into clickable numbers.
On Firefox and Chrome there are many plugins / extensions that search for phone numbers on pages and transform them into clickable numbers (they add the phone protocol).
A plugin that we like on Chrome because it detects the majority of numbers, is this: LINK.

Tip: to recognize a clickable number, it is very often underlined, like a web link. ex. : 0102030405

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes absolutely, from 10 users.
Don't hesitate to contact us on Live Chat, or by email at hello {a}

How are you so cheap compared to the competition?

We offer a unique service. Most Dialer solution providers use VoIP, which beyond reducing the quality of your calls comes at a cost.
CallBridge uses your mobile plan directly when your smartphone makes calls or sends your SMS, so we and you have that cost less.