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CallBridge FAQ / Aide : Fonctionnalités Pro + Free 2
Here's the list of what you can type and send directly from your computer, to any smartphone using CallBridge or CallBridge Pro
Launch dialing on your smartphone directly from your computer
Compose a SMS/Text on your computer, and your smartphone sends it automatically ( need a click on "Send" on IOS smartphones )
Transfer to yourself long texts, messages, codes, Web links, etc... directly put in your smartphone's clipboard
Create a complete RDV (description / Date / time / place / details) and add it to your smartphone calendar
Create and easily add a contact to your phone book with all the information.
Transfer yourself an address, CallBridge displays the map on your smartphone
You need to go to this address, the Plan becomes route from your current position

NB : To use the call and SMS functions, tablets must have access to a phone line sharing, or a SIM card with your subscription.
CallBridge FAQ / Aide : Fonctionnalités Pro + Free 3

PC modules can be downloaded on this page.

With to its external framework, it is compatible with most of existing Windows versions, 32/64bit.

On some PCs it is preferable to disable the antivirus during installation.

NB: We do not add any additional software to our PC installation, so just follow the standard steps to make a working installation.

To learn how the PC module work, see its dedicated section

Installation steps:

  • You can choose the language (English or French) on the installer,
  • Check “Create an icon on the desktop”, and then click Next,
  • Click Install,
  • Check “Run CallBridgexxx“, and click Finish.

CallBridge starts. Click Settings, then either:

  • Log in: if you already have an account, to enter the login information manually,
  • Reverse connection QR-Code: to connect by scanning this QR Code from CallBridge Mobile on a smartphone already connected to the account.

No account yet?

  • To subscribe to CallBridge PRO  click HERE
  • Click Create Account on the PC Module if you want to create a CallBridge Free account.
CallBridge FAQ / Aide : Fonctionnalités Pro + Free 4

CallBridge mobile’s app are free, whether you’re on a Free or Pro account.

Limitations are the following one:

CallBridge Free: 3 devices max,
CallBridge Pro: no limit, (go to your account to know number of simultaneous devices allowed actually)
The Smartphone module is available on your actual mobile store (Appstore / Google Play) under the name CallBridge Mobile for Free version or CallBridge Pro for Pro version (‘McLeed’ editor). At the first launch, be sure to Accept NOTIFICATIONS, because this is the only way your smartphone can launch calls, send SMS, etc …


CallBridge Pro:

  • Click “Log In” to enter your login information manually,
  • Click “Qr Code” to connect instantly by scanning the QR accessible from the “Qr Code” button of a PC module already connected to the desired account.

If you don’t have any account yet, go to this page.

CallBridge Free:

  • Click “Register” if you do not have an account yet,
  • Or “Connect” (if you have already created it on the PC module)
  • Or “Qr Code” to connect instantly by scanning the QR accessible from the “Qr Code” button of a PC module already connected to the desired account



Choice of ‘Pseudo‘ is totally free, it’s used to describe the smartphone you send the notification to. Be sure to use a unique Pseudo per smartphone.

You can use several smartphones (IOS / Androïd) on the same account. Choice of which will receive the notifications is done in the “My devices” tab of the PC module.

When you first use Calendar and Contact notifications, CallBridge app will ask for authorization.

Be sure to accept it, else you’ll have to uninstall/re-install, due to IOS/Android limitations.


Every CallBridge’s features are described in the corresponding Help section.

Logo CallBridge extension Chrome

From you Chrome browser, use the following links :


  • CallBridge Pro Extension ,
  • CallBridge Free Extension .

Then click “Add to Chrome

Once added, click the extension icon, then on the top-right picture with the gear. New window pops up, enter here your credentials :

  • Login : email of the account,
  • Pass : your password,
  • User : any unique name/nick representing this specific smartphone. (only on CallBridge Free)

On CallBridge Pro, just enter the destinary (smartphone’s nick).

Then click “Save“.


All information about using the Chrome extension can be found in the specific section.

CallBridge SaaS : cloud version McLeed

Your CallBridge account (Pro and Free) also has SaaS (Service As A Software) access, which is an access to the sending module, directly on the Internet, and requiring no installation on your computer, unlike the PC module and The Chrome extension.

Whether you’re on a public computer, in a hotel, on the road, on a trip, you can connect and use CallBridge securely (HTTPS) and immediately.

URLs to use :

You’ll be asked for your :

  • nick : Optional name representing the computer from which you are sending your notifications,
  • username : your account’s email,
  • password : your account’s password.

Remember to bookmark the address.

How the Send Modules Work


CallBridge is used to send information from any PC to your smartphone, AND to use it immediately or not. It will mainly serve to dial a phone number on smartphone without leaving the PC, fully prepare an SMS in order to have only to press Send on the smartphone.


There are several ways to use the PC module:

  • Use the input interface directly: choose the corresponding tab for your needs: call / sms, create a contact, add an event/appointment to your calendar, send an address to obtain a map or GPS guidance. Enter the information, and send it to your smartphone with choice, immediate action or not (to check/modify information on smartphone before using it),
  • Or in any document / software: Highlight the information you want to send to your smartphone, and simply use one of the following hotkey.

Each feature can be customized.


Highlighted Element
F2 :

(Send the selection to the smartphone)

NumberLaunches an immediate call of the highlighted number on your smartphone

Send the selected text on the smartphone (auto clipboard for CallBridge Pro users)
F3 :

(open the PC module)

NothingOpen the PC Module
NumberOpen the PC Module with the selected number in “phone num to contact”
TextOpen the PC Module with the selected text in field “SMS”
F4 :

(Add 1 or +  n°)

Put the selected text/number in memory. Release Ctrl, then highlight a phone number and press Ctrl-C-C. => This manipulation (in 2 times) is used to send a Ready-to-use SMS on your smartphone. Your native SMS app will open, pre-filled (num+text),you just have to press “Send“.
F5 :

(SMS Trick)

TextStore a text in CallBridge for SMS.




For even more automatisms, use our APIs directly: personalize the actions, avoid the manual selection of numbers / texts, modify shortcuts or function keys, use buttons instead of shortcuts …



  • Check in the ‘My devices’ tab to which smartphone(s) to send (in Pro version, simply select the smartphone chosen)
  • Use the input interface directly:
    • Use directly the input interface: choose the tab corresponding to your needs: call / sms, create a contact, add an event/appointment to your calendar, send an address to have a map or GPS guidance,
    • Enter the information,
    • and send it to your smartphone with either an immediate action or not,
  • After each sending a summary appears, allowing you to have details in case of no reception of the notification (smartphone off, …)

Unlike the PC module, keyboard shortcuts can not operate in SaaS mode.


URLs to use :


After following the installation instructions (see Installing the Chrome extension), a black (CallBridge Pro) or blue (CallBridge Free) icon will appear in your Chrome bar.

On any Web page, highlight the text / passage you want, and then click the CallBridge icon:

  • The highlighted numbers: automatically enter in the “Phone” area,
  • The text: is placed in “Message or Text“.

The bottom buttons let you to do:

  • Send“: the text is transmitted to the smartphone to be put on paper clip (eg text, serial number, body mail …)
  • SMS“: sends an SMS to the selected number, along with the body text,
  • Phone“: calls the number,
  • Map“: opens Maps to the selected address.

NB: For the map, address is directly interpreted by Google, which usually decodes many presentations of addresses. However, if you do not get an address, try to correct the format of the address sent.

The “MAZ” button clears the fields.

Access to the parameters: user account + selected device(s) is done by the button at the top right (head+gears).

API access is available on CallBridge Pro only.

It lets you integrate all CallBridge functions on own solutions (web, application, …):

  • launch a call,
  • send a SMS,
  • add an event/appointment to the calendat,
  • send an address for map or route,
  • add a contact.


If you aren’t yet registered on CallBridge Pro, you can register HERE

Cost of the option: 4.99€ HT / month (for every devices in the account).

We have a page devoted to the API documentation at this address.


Otherwise you can download the API PDF documentation.

How mobile applications work

When you enter CallBridge (mobile), no matter which window you are on, you are in ‘Standby’ mode. This means that when a notification is received, it will be automatically executed. (On Androïd, you must also press the notification when arriving).
Clicking the Settings button gives you access to:
  •  FAQ / Help: All items to help you make the most of the CallBridge experience,
  • Contact us: Access to instant discussion with our technicians (only on CallBridge Pro),
  • Terms & Conditions: Terms of Use for CallBridge,
  • Selection of the calendar: select here the calendar on which you wish to send your appointments (pro, personal, etc …)
  • Other parameters: see below.


In other settings, you have the advanced possibilities, such as:
  • Automatic clipboard: if On, any text sent in the SMS part will also be copied into memory and reusable anywhere: mail, code, text, etc …
  • Selection of the language,
  • Correction of numbers: decide whether international numbers should be corrected automatically according to your needs.


You also find the button “QR inverted” => If you install a new PC with CallBridge-Win, instead of entering the account information, you can connect it automatically with this button. On CallBridge Win go to Settings, then Qr Reverse Code. This displays a QR code, just scan it by pressing the mobile button on this “inverted QR” button. The CallBridge Win module will automatically connect to the same account as the smartphone that scanned it.
=> On CallBridge Pro only, you can also:
  • Select here on which mapping software to send the received addresses: Plans / Maps, Waze, Navigon.
  • Import contacts from your smartphone to your CallBridge Win sending module to select them when sending SMS for example (function currently unavailable, being implemented)

Click here to register for CallBridge Pro


(Currently Navigon on Androïd does not recognize the addresses sent, we try to get around this concern)

CallBridge and CallBridge Pro mobile applications allow you to choose how you want to receive and launch the requested actions.
It is important to distinguish between the Immediate or No character of an action, decided on the PC / Web module or the API for CallBridge Pro accounts with the option; And when you want to run these notifications on your mobile device.


For this, you have 2 possibilities:

CallBridge open
Advantages :
Notification runs automatically
Considerable time savings
Callbridge closed
Advantages :
You decide when to run the notification
You can stack the notifications (see example)
You are at a hotline or after-sales service. You use the API or keyboard shortcuts to call the clients you are on the form into your CRM or internal software. You want to save as much time as possible, and avoid manipulation. You have CallBridge open (foreground) on your smartphone. Just sent, the call starts on the smartphone.
You are on-field commercial, and want to optimize the organization of your day. CallBridge Mobile closed, you send before you leave your tasks of the day: addresses of the customer visits, number of prospects to be restarted, and SMS of the evening. From the notification board on your smartphone, you have a complete list of these notifications, and launch them at the desired time of day.

=> Due to the limitations of the Androïd system, it will be necessary with each reception of notification, to select it from the notifications panel, to launch the action on the smartphone.

The information transfer between the PC module (or Web version) and CallBridge smartphone: calls, sms, card, appointments, contact files, is done by notifications on your smartphone.
Therefore, it is important to enable notifications.
When CallBridge is first started, you are prompted to accept notifications.
If you have unintentionally denied activation, or you do not receive any notification when using Callbridge, here are the basic steps to follow:

For IOS:
Go to Settings -> Notifications
Scroll down to CallBridge, and select the line,
In the new window, check that “Allow notifications” is enabled, and that the options from the bottom also. The alert style should be “Banners” or “Alerts“.


For Androïd:
Go to Settings (toothed wheel at the top of the screen) -> Notifications (may be in a “SOUND” tab on some systems)
Find CallBridge in the list, and verify that the switch is enabled.

This is CallBridge’s primary functionality.

Whether you are in Free or Pro, you are certainly using the immediate launch of your calls or SMS.

But in some cases it may be necessary to view the data on the smartphone before sending them. In this case, when sending without the ‘Immediate’ function, you will get a screen showing you the number of the recipient of the call, or for an SMS the number of the recipient (s) Available on CallBridge Pro: here).

At the bottom of the screen you will then have:

A button allowing you to call the phone number,
A button to send the SMS, if necessary.

You have concluded a customer appointment, and wish to add it to the calendar of your smartphone, while keeping the ease to enter it from your computer.
On the Callbridge mobile app, start by going to Settings, then selecting “Calendar Selection“.
Select the calendar you want to use, then return to the main menu.
In this case, when sending without the ‘Immediate’ function, you will get a screen showing you the information of the appointment you entered. (Additional fields are available on the CallBridge Pro version, you can register here)
At the bottom of the screen, you will then have 4 buttons:

Call: CallBridge verifies the existence of a telephone number in the entry of your appointment,

  • Send an SMS: CallBridge verifies the existence of a telephone number in the entry of your appointment,
  • See the map: opens Maps to see the address entered for the appointment
  • Add to calendar: add it to the calendar you selected.


Add your contacts directly from your computer.

In this case, when sending without the ‘Immediate’ function, you will get a screen showing you the contact information you entered. (Additional fields are available on CallBridge Pro version, you can register here)
At the bottom of the screen, you will then have 4 buttons:

  • Call: CallBridge verifies the existence of a phone number in the input of your contact,
  • Send an SMS: CallBridge verifies the existence of a phone number in the input of your contact,
  • See the map: opens Maps to see the address entered on the card,
  • Add contact: add it to your phonebook.
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Operating tips and tricks

CallBridge was designed with the goal of saving significant time for trades passing many outgoing calls each month.

Among our users, we find:

  • Call centers,
  • Hotlines,
  • Customer service,
  • Accounting centers,
  • Sales representatives, sales assistants, real estate agents,
  • Telemarketers,
  • Technicians …

It is suitable for any person, or trade, having a smartphone or smartphones under IOS or Androïd, and who wishes:

  • Get rid of manipulations on the phone, such as re-entering a phone number already present on the PC,
  • Remove all the false manipulations: errors of telephone number, bad manipulation of the smartphone,
  • Use the comfort of a keyboard and a PC screen to enter SMS, contacts, events/appointments …

But also, optimize their time. In average usage, just for calls, CallBridge saves 2h40min / week per user.

Yes, the operation of CallBridge is global, you can use it everywhere. However, you need a Data plan (or Wifi)  to receive the notifications.

Here are some tips:

  • To save a little time (about 3-4 sec), when you use Callbridge, you can disable the security of opening your smartphone, so, with each notification, plus the trouble of entering your code, Or scan your fingerprint,
  • To save a lot of time, just stay on the CallBridge application on your smartphone. On IOS, the notifications will arrive, and will then launch automatically (Androïd requires to click on the notification)

And if you have not already done so, switch to the Pro version of CallBridge HERE, with our Lightning function, the calls / SMS will launch even faster than on the free version. In 100 calls, it will already be at least 32 minutes of saved just in manipulations.


CallBridge is specifically intended for this purpose.

But multiple devices is only available on CallBridge Pro accounts (subscribe HERE)


You can choose from the “My Devices” tab of the PC / Web module which one(s) receive the notifications.

NB : go to your Customer Portal to upgrade/downgrade your subscription with the quantity of desired smartphones ( please contact us for +50 smartphones)

No, you can fix it directly from CallBridge, and re-click the Calendar button. The word “Update” appears just below it.

In Pro version: Simply press the ‘Last Notif‘ button.

In the Free version: in the application, go to the “Settings” tab, at the bottom left you will find: ‘Last notification’. 

In “Settings“, go to “Selection of the calendar“, and choose this time the desired calendar. The calendars are ‘personal’, this parameter is per smartphone.

On CallBridge Pro: text is automatically stored (clipboard) at each send. You can use it immediately.


On CallBridge Free: When receiving, click the “Copy” button next to the text, to put it in the clipboard. Alternatively, you can go to the Settings tab, click More Settings, and activate the Auto Clipboard option.

  • We assume CallBridge language from the country you were when you created  your account. To change it, just go to “Settings“, then “Other parameters“, and change it.
  • Nous regardons de quel pays vous créez votre compte pour initier la langue de CallBridge, vous pouvez aller la changer dans “Settings“, puis “Autres paramètres“.

Yes, in “Settings“, you will find “FAQ / Help“.

  • Yes, Send your contact without ‘immediate addition’ so that you can see it on the CallBridge mobile application before saving it
  • When the contact card arrives on CallBridge, use the “Map” button at the bottom right. NB: The address search is based on what we believe to be the most powerful tool currently, namely Google Maps. Function of the way you have filled in the address it may be that it does not give a result …
  • You can also quickly send an SMS or Call the new contact: to give it your number in a simple way for example.

Yes, even if typing is not the first use, you can completely enter contacts from the CallBridge mobile application directly.

This way, you can enter them as a result, without having all the manipulations that IOS or Androïd require.

NB: Remember to use the “Trash” button at the top right, in order to erase the fields between each contact card.

Pro ‘fields’ are only available on CallBridge Pro, to use them, register HERE.

  • In the top left “<” returns to the previous screen in some cases, such as during the connection for example,
  • The keyboard icon make the keyboard disappears from the screen after an entry (equivalent of button ‘return’ on Androïd when the keyboard is visible),
  • The trash will empty all fields on the screen.

Just below it is the Ad, so if you want to support us, feel free to click on it from time to time. Thank you


Here are the verification steps:

  • Did you link the smartphone to the same account as the PC / Web module? The email (account)  appears on the Pro home screen (For the Free version, you can check it by clicking the Settings button on the PC / Web module, and going to the “Settings” tab (top) in CallBridge Mobile)
  • When using the PC or Web Module, an Internet connection must be active to allow sending on smartphone,
  • Do you have a Data Package enabled on this line? And Data reception (2G / 3G / 4G) or Wifi?
  • Have you accepted and verified the notifications? (For a detailed explanation, see here )

If, despite all this, you still receive nothing:

  • On the mobile application: Log out (Exit button), then reconnect, it restarts the process of notifications,
  • Check in your smartphone system settings that you have not removed the Datas just for this CallBridge, OR that you have canceled notifications at this point (IOS and Androïd do not allow us to do system checks unfortunately … )
  • If nothing has worked, uninstall and then reinstall the CallBridge mobile application, access to notifications will be requested.

You have certainly reached your maximum number of devices.

On CallBridge Pro, you can check the number from your account.

On CallBridge Free:

  • You can connect up to 3 devices to the same account. Start by connecting a second one, and see if notifications arrive on it.
  • If you already have 3 devices connected, make a “Disconnect” on the smartphone where the notifications do not arrive, then log back in.


  • You can also delete the device from the PC Module on the “My Devices” tab and then reconnect, from the mobile app of the reticent smartphone.
  • As a last resort, you can uninstall CallBridge, and reinstall it. Some users may have refused notifications from the start, and can not receive them without reinstalling, depending on the OS on which you are.

It should be immediate, or at worst, a few seconds. Usually more time it takes, less good is the reception on the smartphone concerned. Make sure that you have Wifi or Data (2G / 3G / 4G) at the time of use.

  • Depending on your mobile OS (IOS or Android), you should be able to find it in the Notifications Center. To display it, you usually need to swipe the screen down.
  • And, on IOS you can set notifications and decide how they appear on arrival if you are not already in CallBridge. (See chapter on Notifications)


This is the regular functioning of CallBridge, saving you a maximum of time. But you can also simply send you the call information or SMS in CallBridge and then decide what you will do with it.

For the Features List, go here.