CallBridge : Free edition

Download here : mobile versions of CallBridge Free, for IOS and Androïd, as well as the sending modules available: Windows, Chrome extension and Cloud (SaaS).


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icone Callbridge Free Edition


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Limitations of the Free version

 Ad display

 No multi-recipient SMS

 Delay before each action

 No API access

  Max 3 devices

 Contact/RDV: less fields

 No support

 No contacts import

To remove thoses limitations, get CallBridge Pro

Sending modules : browser's extensions, PC module, Saas / Cloud

PC Module

(Windows XP, 7, 8,10 - 32/64bits)

- Version 1.5 (10/13/2016)

 Windows only

 Input console

 Keyboard shortcuts

  Requires installation

Chrome Extension

(Chrome browsers)

- Version 1.6 (10/04/2016)

 All platforms

 Highlight info

Keyboard shortcuts

  Requires installation

SaaS / Cloud

(all browsers)

- Remember to Bookmark

 All plateforms

 Input Console

 Keyboard shortcuts

  Requires installation