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News July 2017 : Change yourself the hotkeys…


This summer, CallBridge Pro PC module changes of look. It also adds a new feature that will delight everyone one! The keyboard shortcuts are now editable.

As CallBridge is compatible with ANY software and web page, it could happen that standard shortcuts are already used … We have remedied this.

Whether it’s, for example: starting your phoning calls, sending your order confirmation SMS, or adding multiple recipients to a SMS, set yourself each associated hotkey.

Accessible from the PC Module Settings

CallBridge Pro parameters : Cutomize the keyboard shortcuts

We offer 2 standards configurations.


F2NumberDial call immediatly on your smartphone
Multiple n° 
or text
 Open the PC module, letting you prepare your SMS or multi-recipient SMS.
Opens the PC module  + copy slected element(s) in it
One or more
phone numbers
Multi-recipient SMS  : Adds the phone numbers in the PC module and separates them automatically by a comma. A stealth popup tells you how many n° you added in total (check with your operator for max quantity of recipients / sms). Tips : On Excel you can select multiple rows, CallBridge Pro will separate them automatically.
F5TextText for SMS : Copy, in background, the selected text to include it in your next SMS or multi-recipient-SMS.
Possibility to choose an additional key (Ctrl, Alt, etc …) which will be added to all the functions, eg Alt + F2, Alt + F3 … Attention: some keys like Shift, Command, and Others are not provided for this purpose and may prevent Callbridge from functioning. Make preliminary tests..

There's more...

There are many tricks to make it easier and more efficient to use the PC Module. You will discover them during the use, such as: the retention of the text SMS after their sending in order to be able to use it again during the next sending(s).

But also frequent key combinations + non-destructive ; example :

  • You select multiple SMS recipients with F4,
  • Then you select the text to send by F5,
  • You can still add one or more recipient(s), again with F4, without having to re-select the first ones.

With these new features, you’ll save more time than ever with CallBridge Pro!


To get the latest version 2 of CallBridge Pro PC module, please go on our download page.

Free trial 14 days

For users who are not yet in PRO version: come test it for free and full version for 14 days HERE.