Callbridge uses Notifications to communicate between your phone and computer. There are no delays, no cables, just easy, seamless integration.(Android and IOS compatible).

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CallBridge routes all calls/messages through your phone. The only cost of Callbridge is the monthly charge.

save money with callbridge


We do not impose any artifical usage limitations on our users - Place as many calls / messages as you want! Fit as well occasional users than salesmen, real estate agents, hotlines, customer supports...

Unlimited CallBridge illimité notifications appels sms calls


In a word---time! Callbridge increases productivity and saves our users THREE hours per smartphone per week.

CallBridge Lancez vos appels mobiles depuis votre ordinateur 11

CallBridge in Action!

No more dialing by hand! Click a n° and dial instantly.

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From any computer/any software

Dial calls remote control your smartphone

Unlimited Users-Emitters

Send SMS Remote control any smartphone

1-click Calls/SMS

By Notification Remote control smartphone

Unlimited notifications

Boost productivity Start call

From ANY software PC dialer

Work from anywhere Control smartphone

Gain : 25 seconds/call auto dialer

Group/Collaboration mode Control my smartphone

Included : PC/Cloud/Chrome apps

Live Chat Support

API CallBack Button

Avoid typing

An information you already got ? Just click to call any phone number displayed on your screen.

Your connected telephony

Whether you're on IOS or Android, use your native smartphone features, from your PC.

Unmatched flexibility

Use your smartphone from any PC at any time .... Even from multiple PCs at the same time.

CallBridge Start phone calls from any computer (IOS/Android) 2
Optimizing Your Time

Gain 17-21 seconds on each call, and up to 25 seconds with our Lightning (pro) feature.

Infinite possibilities

Embed a "Call me back" button on your website ? Automate your SMS ? Add a "Call" button in your CRM ? Just imagine, and do it with CallBridge.

In-house software integration

With our API, embed, on your website or software, calling features, SMS, appointments, contacts, GPS ...

Time spent to Start call

Comparison : CallBridge vs Manual dial

CallBridge CallBridge Pro : Professional Click2Call Solution with API

Bonus feature


Need to confirm after-sale support to your customers ?

Type your SMS from a real keyboard. Much more convenient and fast.